Import export Vi Minh built Privacy Policy and related laws are the most valuable agreement and affirmation for customers when using & reporting information to our company.

>Viminh.vn is the official owned website of Vi Minh Import and Export Service Co., Ltd., Address 4B Nguyen Trung Truc, Ward 5, Binh Thanh District, Ho Chi Minh City. During the time consumers connect with the company through the website, in writing this version, Vi Minh Import Export assures you of the high confidentiality of your data and notifications.

When consumers have put their trust in using Vi Minh Import and Export service, customers have trusted us with personal information. Vi Minh Import Export Company understands that this is a big task and our company tries to ensure the security of the company’s information in the best way.

We created a Privacy & Security policy to inform you about the basic principles, help customers understand & be completely assured when choosing the most reputable, safe and reliable Brand Name from Vi Minh Import and Export. In the process of managing notifications, Vi Minh Import and Export always adheres to the following Security principles:

Purpose of collecting and storing messages

Import and export Vi Minh only implements accumulation and storage of information directly from customers and from dissimilar sources through transparent and constitutionally compliant methods.

Vi Minh Import and Export Notice accumulates about consumers based on the relationship with the user himself including basic information such as:

  • Full name
  • Contact number
  • Gmail:

Contact message, including delivery address

These announcements are mainly to improve customer service in order to serve consumers very well. In addition, Vi Minh Import and Export only accumulates information that is required or related to the provision of products & services, the purpose of supporting our business and for the purpose of clarifying the needs of consumers. In particular, the storage of these notices is intended to help our Shop very well perform better insurance services for you.

For online customers, Vi Minh Import Export can accumulate information to meet the purpose of tracking and optimizing the website in a very good way. The information collected is aimed at improving & increasing Try you 1 perfect way. For more specific information about online security, Consumers learn more online information security policy.

Use of personal information

Import Export Vi Minh only uses people’s personal information in accordance with the purpose of accumulation or other purposes when directly accepted by you & in accordance with the terms and regulations. The information we collect will be used for:

  • Answer questions for customers
  • Support customers towards and purchase matching product lines
  • Inform about products, services and support customers as required

Information, solving problems arising about BH internal design product lines, design motifs and building construction.

Take care of customers, receive customer comments on products and services of our Store for better improvements.

Bring you a shopping website, using the best possible service, unique, cost-effective and deadline.

It is possible to be promoted or enjoy policies and regimes for loyal consumers, continuously using our products and services.

Information security assertions from Vi Minh Import and Export

Import and Export Vi Minh DO NOT share your personal notice with any external organization for any reason. The company ensures the highest safety not to sell, notify users to 3rd parties for commercial service purposes. If violated, customers can initiate a lawsuit against Vi Minh Import and Export in accordance with current laws.

The company always has approval from customers. Because in many cases, the company needs to provide customers with additional notices about other product and service lines that users may cuddle. If you are not interested, you can choose to deny these extra gifts.

The company focuses on ensuring the highest SECURITY: the client’s personal notification records are always accurate & regularly updated, which is necessary to complement the intended use of the notification. Vi Minh Import and Export affirms to own individual notifications under careful management and control, have a staff responsible for monitoring and measuring & obeying the principles of Consumer Security.

Information storage period

Import Export Vi Minh stores the user’s notice provided above the company’s internal system during the provision of services. storage period until the end of the product line BH period or when you need to cancel the supported notifications.

Information committed before the law

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