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In the current era of economic integration, freight services between different countries are becoming and more popular. This is not only for businesses and organizations, but also for many individual customers who want to send goods to the US. Please read on to learn more about this shipping service in the following article.

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I. Cheap price list for shipping goods to the US 2023

The price of the shipping service to the US will depend on many different fees, so there will be a difference from time to time. Besides the shipping fee depending on each receiving address, the customer also has to pay additional costs such as import tax (applied to goods valued > 1000 USD), fumigation fee (applied to goods containing wood details), fuel fee (depending on petrol price), cancellation fee (when goods violate import regulations in the US),…
Therefore, to be psychologically and financially proactive before sending goods, you need to learn and refer to the above types of costs in advance. Below is Vi Minh Express’s price list for shipping to the US that you can refer to:

Unit: VND

Kg Regular goods Food Goods Kg Regular goods Food Goods
0.5 1.235.400 1.671.800 10.5 5.073.100 5.559.800
1.0 1.417.500 1.866.200 11.0 5.282.500 5.754.200
1.5 1.528.200 2.060.600 11.5 5.491.400 5.948.600
2.0 1.638.400 2.255.000 12.0 5.700.700 6.143.000
2.5 1.864.100 2.449.400 12.5 5.910.000 6.337.400
3.0 2.177.300 2.643.800 13.0 6.119.400 6.531.800
3.5 2.306.900 2.838.200 13.5 6.328.300 6.726.200
4.0 2.436.500 3.032.600 14.0 6.537.600 6.920.600
4.5 2.566.100 3.227.000 14.5 6.746.900 7.115.000
5.0 2.771.800 3.421.400 15.0 6.956.300 7.309.400
5.5 2.980.700 3.615.800 15.5 7.165.200 7.503.800
6.0 3.190.000 3.810.200 16.0 7.374.500 7.698.200
6.5 3.399.300 4.004.600 16.5 7.583.800 7.892.600
7.0 3.608.700 4.199.000 17.0 7.793.100 8.087.000
7.5 3.817.600 4.393.400 17.5 8.002.100 8.281.400
8.0 4.026.900 4.587.800 18.0 8.211.400 8.475.800
8.5 4.236.200 4.782.200 18.5 8.420.700 8.670.200
9.0 4.445.600 4.976.600 19.0 8.630.000 8.864.600
9.5 4.654.500 5.171.000 19.5 8.839.000 9.059.000
10.0 4.863.800 5.365.400 20.0 9.048.300 9.253.400


Price list Surcharge plus Special Goods
Type Fee UNIT Note
Food 7 usd/bill FDA FILING FEES
Cosmetic 7 usd/bill FDA FILING FEES
Drugs, dietary supplements in tablet form: 7 usd/bill FDA FILING FEES

II. Free support services for customers sending goods to the US

Service Free
FDA: U.S. Food & Drug Administration Có
MSDS:Chemical Safety Data Sheet Có
PICKUP:Door-to-door pickup Có

III. How long does it take to ship to the US?

Shipping time to the US is also an important factor that customers are interested in when choosing a freight unit. Vi Minh Express will ship your goods in 3-5 days by air and 5-7 days by sea. Vi Minh Express will commit to sending goods on the same day, without holding or consolidating goods, which would cause shipping delays.

Let’s see also the US time zone to see the exact time difference in the US and Vietnam

In fact, the shipping time to the US also depends on other factors such as customs, weather ,… In case your goods encounter problems when shipping, Vi Minh Express will notify you as soon as possible so that you can proactively understand the situation. However, this case is very rare, so customers can rest assured.

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IV. List of items that are and are not allowed to be sent to the US 

1. Items allowed to be sent to the US

Important mailers and papers:
  • Dossiers, certificates, contracts, documents,….
  • Documents and papers do not contain contents that are poisonous or anti-Party – State.
Cosmetics, makeup:
  • Powdered cosmetics such as turmeric, chalk, …
  • Liquid cosmetics such as lotions, essential oils, perfumes,…
  • Tools used for makeup, manicure,…
Food items:
  • Food such as: confectionery, dry goods, dried vegetables ,…
  • Liquid foods such as cereals, juices ,….
Wooden, furniture, machinery:
  • Furniture such as tables and chairs, beds, wardrobes, blankets ,…
  • Products are made in the form of handicrafts, pictures.
  • Electronic and industrial machinery.
Medicines, pharmaceuticals:
  • Blister packs, tablets, jars, tubes,…
  • Topical medication,…

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2. Items are not allowed to be sent to the US 

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Illegal items such as:
  • Stimulants such as: drugs, narcotics, opium, ecstasy,…
  • Weapons, guns, military technical equipment
  • Depraved, reactionary, anti-Party and State items and cultural products.
  • Crickets cause incendiary and radioactive substances.
  • The item may endanger carriers, the public or cause unsanitary conditions, environmental pollution.
  • Multiple shipments with multiple recipient addresses.
  • Items and goods that violate the import ban law in accordance with the provisions of the Universal Postal Union and Vietnamese law.
  • Vietnamese currency, foreign currency and valuable papers issued by the bank.
  • Gold, silver, platinum, precious stones,…
  • Live animals, foods related to chicken, beef, sausages, sausages,…

V. Criteria for choosing reputable courier services to the US

1. Choose a reputable unit

Vi Minh Express is currently a reputable courier, leading in the application of modern digital technologies, thereby helping to shorten shipping time. In addition, with the development and operation team are all enthusiastic and enthusiastic young people, Vi Minh Express is constantly striving and trying, bringing customers the best experience.

2. Reasonable cost

When choosing a shipping service to the US, the price is something that customers are very concerned about. To find a place with reasonable prices, not too expensive or too cheap but still ensure quality is not easy. With Vi Minh Express, reasonable service prices are also one of the factors that help us compete in the market of countless shipping brands today.

3. Timing

Shipping time is also an important criterion when you are looking for shipping services to the US. Customers need to learn carefully to avoid delays, delivery too long, affecting the work of themselves and the recipient.

4. Service attitude, dedication in customer support

Professional shipping units will often pay more attention and attention to the feelings and thoughts of customers. From there, businesses will have adjustments and thoughtful customer support to perfect the service.
Your shipment to the US can be affected by many different factors. Therefore, you should choose reputable units like Vi Minh Express to be assured of dedicated and thoughtful support regimes in case of unexpected problems.

VI. Reputable shipping service to the US in Vi Minh

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1. Shipping process to the US

The shipping process to the US will consist of 6 steps. Customers need to understand this process to actively track where their order has gone, whether the recipient has received it or not? Specifically, the process at Vi Minh Express is as follows:
Step 1: Customers contact Vi Minh Express via hotline: 0816 896 999 or go to the office at 4B Nguyen Trung Truc , Ward 5, Binh Thanh District for specific advice, steps to send goods to the US and service quotation.
Step 2: Customers can bring goods to Vi Minh by themselves or provide address information for home pickup support..
Step 3: After sending the goods, the customer will receive a tracking code, which will help you track the status of your order.
Step 4: Vi Minh delivers the goods to the recipient’s address in accordance with the customer’s requirements.
Step 5: The recipient receives the goods successfully.
Step 6: Complete shipping the order sent to the US.

Note: When packing goods, customers need to follow international standards for the dimensions of the length, width, height of the mail.

2. Dịch vụ gửi hàng đi Mỹ giá rẻ

Vi Minh Express supports cheap shipping to the US with the following types of goods:
  • Papers, vouchers and contracts in accordance with regulations.
  • Cosmetics such as perfumes, jewelry, watches
  • Personal belongings, clothes, furniture, wardrobe beds,…
  • All kinds of handicrafts, handmade,…
  • Dry foods such as noodles, coffee, leaves, dried seafood,…
  • Fruits such as longan, dragon fruit,…

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VII. Notes to know when shipping to the US

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Depending on how fast or slow it takes, you can choose to deliver by air or sea. Each of these forms of shipping will have its own pros and cons.
In case you choose to ship via sea, the delivery time will take about 1 month. Because in the process of moving, cargo ships will not go directly to the US, but need to go through many seaports in other countries.
Instead, most customers now prefer to use express delivery via air. Although the price is much higher than by sea, the delivery time of only 3-5 days is the outstanding advantage of this form of shipping to the US.
If you need more advice on shipping services to the US, please contact Vi Minh Express immediately through the following methods for the most dedicated consultancy support:
  • Head Office: Vincom Center, 72 Le Thanh Ton, Ben Nghe, District 1, HCMC
  • Representative Office: 4B Nguyen Trung Truc, Ward 5, Binh Thanh, HCMC
  • Email:
  • Hotline: 0816.896.999

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